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Sarah Fryer, Corvallis School District Community Liaison

Corvallis School District #1 is proposing an Educational Programs & Operating Levy (EP&O) in the amount of $300,000. One hundred percent of operating levy dollars stay in our district and go towards staff costs and operations that provide essential programs and much-needed services. Local, voter-approved levies ensure our students, schools, and staff have what they need.  

State and federal funding provide most, but not all, of the total dollars needed to operate public schools. The EP&O levy will help bridge the gap between state and federal funding and the actual cost to run a school district. Due to stagnant funding from the state and federal government, operating levies have become a necessary funding source for most school districts.  

Four years ago, our community believed it was just as important as the school district did to purchase the REC property which will allow us room for future expansion. We are thankful for that decision every single day. We have been restoring balance through fiscal responsibility, big cuts have already been made, and we have cut as much as we can while still maintaining excellence in education. It is our intention to use your valuable contributions in the form of an operating levy to maintain quality education and to sustain the cultural values and traditions of Corvallis.  

Pete Joseph, Corvallis Superintendent, said, "It will take all of us working together to make our schools the very best that they can be for our children & community. We are Corvallis."