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Why do we need to pass an Operating Levy?

  • We are asking for this levy to maintain quality education and exceptional programs

  • 100% of the operating levy dollars go to staff costs and operations

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Important Dates:

  • Mail-in ballots will be released on April 14th from the Ravalli County Elections office, they will arrive to the registered address on record with the county elections office.

  • The Elections office suggests mailing in your ballot by April 27th.

  • Ballots must be received at the Ravalli County Elections office by Tuesday, May 2nd

  • On May 2nd ONLY, there will be a place of deposit in Corvallis at the School District Central Office

We Are Corvallis

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A letter to our community:

I want to begin by thanking our entire community for the support and efforts that all of you have put into our schools for generations. It is very important you understand that we would not be asking for help unless it was truly needed.

I acknowledge that the last few years have been tough on all of us for many reasons. Current fiscal issues that we all face are creating challenges in supporting normal family routines. However, schools have always been central to the Corvallis community, and our children have always been the center of our families.

Our intention will be to use your valuable contributions in the form of an Operating Levy to maintain a quality education and to sustain the cultural values and traditions of Corvallis.

We all have chosen to stay in Corvallis or move our families to this beautiful valley because of what Corvallis stands for. The premise for an Operating Levy is to maintain the exceptional education that our students receive. It will take all of us working together to make our schools the very best that they can be for our children & community.

Thank you,

Pete Joseph
Corvallis School District

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about the levy to help inform you about this important ballot measure. Click on the +/- symbol to the right to open/close each answer section.

Levy funding information and numbers