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Superintendent's Blue Devil Blog: 12/03/21

Hello, Blue Devils! I am trying something new this year on Fridays. I will be giving you some insight into the Superintendent's job, my personal Blue Devil experience, and end with a Covid-19 update. 

 (PICTURE: 2021 Tree Lighting) 

Monday 11/29 

CONSULTING CONTRACTOR – We work with many consultants to support best practices for curriculum, instruction, assessment, and more. This consultant is working with us calibration of teacher evaluation for administrators.

SPECIAL SERVICES MEETING – Met with Dan Carrasco, Special Services Director, on our vision for CSCT in our school district. CSCT stands for Comprehensive School and Community Treatment program. This program will bring in a full time therapist and behavior specialist to support targeted students. Medicaid helps fund this program. We are currently under contract with Aware, Inc.

INSTRUCTIONAL TECHNOLOGY MEETING – Met with Kristina Berger, Director of Instructional Technology, on several topics: social media, Digital Learning Academy, and messaging.

BOARD MEMBER MEETING – Met with a board member on current negotiations topics and upcoming board agenda.  

MAINTENANCE MEETING - Met with Jim Bowen on maintenance issues, projects, and ongoing support.

WEBINAR AFTER WORK – Participated in free webinar with Ken O’Connor from Corwin Publishing. He is a guru in grading practices. He has 15 grading fixes that we are delving into as an administrative team. 

Tuesday 11/30 

 DISTRICT LEADERSHIP TEAM – Team consisting of teachers and administrators from every building meets once a month to talk about curriculum, instruction, assessment, visioning for the school district, and messaging.

ADMINISTRATORS MEETING – Once or twice a month we meet with the nine administrators. The meeting today focused on getting our presentation ready for the upcoming board meeting which is connected to our 5 Year Strategic Plan: Focus Area #2. This will be presented on December 14 at the Special Board meeting at 6:00 PM, before the regular board meeting which starts at 7:00 PM.

TRANSPORTATION MEETING – Met with Chris Mayer, Director of Transportation, on possible new drivers connected to our advertisement last week on a $500 Sign On Bonus. We are continuing to get drivers trained before the February 4th state regulation is implemented requiring a bus training course to become certified ($2,500+ cost).

SCHOOL BOARD MEMBER MEETING – Met with school board member on ongoing topics around negotiations.

MEETING WITH EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANT – Met with an educational resource center consultant along with our high school principal and high school counselor.

BUSINESS MANAGER MEETING – Met with Business Manager to review documents in the soon to be published District Budget Finance Booklet, as well as budget projections.

MAINTENANCE MEETING - Met with Jim Bowen on maintenance issues, projects, and ongoing support.

MEETING WITH MIDDLE SCHOOL – Met with middle school principal on several topics.

CURRICULUM DIRECTOR MEETING – Met with curriculum director to review standard operating procedure we use for construction of the school district calendar.

Wednesday 11/17 

 SPECIAL SERVICES MEETING – Met with special services director on mental health funding support through CSCT.

WESTERN MONTANA ASSOCIATION OF SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENTS – Traveled to Missoula for the WMASS meeting with several other superintendents and presenters. Kaleva Law office presented on the latest information regarding CSCT funding and regulations from the state. U of M’s Dean of Education spoke to the group on accreditation, student teachers, and support for schools. Montana Rural Education Association discussed the current affairs and state of education in Montana after last week’s Board of Education meeting ran by the Governor. Other topics were discussed as well in this meeting.

MEETING ON CSCT – Met with Director of Business and Special Services on the latest information from the Office of Public Instruction regarding.

MAINTENANCE MEETING - Met with Jim Bowen on maintenance issues, projects, and ongoing support.

MEETING WITH TEACHERS – Met with a couple teachers on visioning for the district.  

Thursday 11/18 

CORVALLIS SCHOOL FOUNDATION MEETING – Met with the Foundation Director on grant proposals and spending down already approved grant monies.

BOARD MEMBER MEETING – Discussed current negotiations with a board member.

MIDDLE SCHOOL PRINCIPAL MEETING – Met with middle school principals on several practices: behavior intervention, dress code, academic supports, and more. 

CONSULTANT MEETING – Met with Sarah Fryer on the ongoing support for our Angel Tree projects at the primary and middle school, and upcoming projects.

CURRICULUM DIRECTOR MEETING – Met with curriculum director on several topics: 5 year social studies curriculum review, calendar committee, grading survey, and more.

SPECIAL SERVICES DIRECTOR MEETING – Met with special services director on new personnel, CSCT, and more.

CORVALLIS COMMUNITY TREE LIGHTING – The tree is lit every year and we gather to celebrate the season. We also remember Marty Litvin who was once an educator here in Corvallis and this tree was planted in his memory. Heidi Schnarr had our high school and middle school choir students signing holiday songs. Snacks and drinks were served. It was a great night to come together and celebrate what it means to our families that live in the Corvallis area!  

Friday 11/19 

 MAINTENANCE MEETING - Met with Jim Bowen on maintenance issues, projects, and ongoing support.

BUSINESS MANAGER MEETING – Met with Business Manager to review documents on all program funds in the general budget. Continued discussion and work on budget planning for the 2022-2023 school year.  

CURRICULUM/INSTRUCTIONAL TECH MEETING – Met with Allison Nys and Kristina Berger to start on a project that will be used to support in the budget process.

CONSULTANT MEETING – Reviewed contract stipulations and discussed ongoing projects.  

DISTRICT SECRETARY MEETING – These ladies are the face of our district, the first to meet families when they walk in the schools. We are so lucky to have them. Every quarter we meet and go through processes, procedures, technology training, and more. We spent time discussing the new online registration and plotting out the timeline for spring of 2022 to do it again!

COVID UPDATE: 12/3/21 

Total Active Cases as of Today: 1 ( PS= 0, MS= 0, HS= 1, OTHER = 0) -- Total Active Cases Last Friday: 4 Total in Quarantine as of Today: 3 -- Total in Quarantine Last Friday: 8 

 Our next regularly scheduled school board meeting will be on December 14th. We will start with a special session at 6:00 PM, and the regular board meeting starts at 7:00 PM in the library.  I have an open-door policy, please come visit me at the Central Office.

Jon Konen, Superintendent

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