We Need You!

WE NEED YOU! — Due to upcoming federal regulations pertaining to CDL and school bus endorsement licensing and training, Corvallis School District is urgently encouraging community members to please acquire CDLs or school bus and passenger endorsements.

Even if you think you would never be able to drive regularly, or rarely, we would like to see you on our sub list. Beginning Feb. 7, 2022, the cost to the district to train drivers will be, at the very minimum, $2500 per person.

Corvallis School will provide the following incentives to drivers who acquire the appropriate qualifications to drive bus:

1. Acquire permit for school bus endorsement (or full license) by Feb. 6, 2022 (once you have the permit, you could have up to one year to fully pass the driving test) 2. Pass fingerprint background check 3. Drive for the district at least once per quarter (there are definitely other opportunities to drive for those who are interested) 4. Must be eligible for employment in the district

We provide:
1. Annual license costs, first aid training, and DOT physical, plus one-time fingerprint background check, plus provide necessary annual safety training 2. After you are fully licensed, we will pay a one-time, $500 bonus after the first time you drive for us. *DRIVERS WHO ALREADY HAVE OBTAINED A CDL TO DRIVE A BUS ARE ELIGIBLE FOR SIGN ON BONUS AS WELL!

We would like to see 6-8 drivers licensed.

Please contact Director of Transportation, Chris Mayer with questions at 406-961-4211. Thank you!