2021 Veterans Day Parade

Superintendent's Blue Devil Blog: 11/12/21

Hello, Blue Devils! I am trying something new this year on Fridays. I will be giving you some insight into the Superintendent's job, my personal Blue Devil experience, and end with a Covid-19 update. 

 (PICTURE: 2021 Veterans Day Parade) 

Monday 11/08 

 TRANSPORTATION TRAINING: REASONABLE SUSPICION – Four employees were trained from MAPT (Montana Association of Pupil Transportation) on reasonable suspicion for alcohol and drugs. With new laws taking effect on January 1st, this training is even more vital. We are required to have at least one person trained, we now have four. 

 CURRICULUM DIRECTOR MEETING – Met with curriculum director on training for administration on Cognia ELEOT training for teacher observations. 

 INSTRUCTIONAL TECHNOLOGY DIRECTOR MEETING – Met with instructional technology director to review topics for special school board meeting presentation for 11/9. 

 MAINTENANCE MEETING - Met with Jim Bowen on maintenance issues, projects, and ongoing support. 

 SCHOOL BOARD MEMBER MEETING - Went through topics again for the board agenda for 11/9. 

 SCHOOL BOARD NEGOTIATIONS MEETING – The school board is negotiating with the Corvallis Faculty Group regarding leave and the ability to work from home, both topics pertaining to Covid. 

 Tuesday 11/09 

 CABINET MEETING – Once a month all administration and directors meet to update each other on past, current, and future projects/tasks. We make sure to inform other departments as many items crossover and/or need support. 

 ADMINISTRATION TRAINING – Continued work on calibrating and norming observations of instruction with all administrators using Cognia materials and resources. We reviewed the seven learning environments, as well as the corresponding 28 standards of good instruction. 

 TEACHER MEETING – Met with a teacher on several topics pertaining to student achievement and teacher support. 

 WORKING WITH LEGAL – Routinely we work with lawyers who give us advice on policy, procedures, and other situations. 

 INSTRUCTIONAL TECHNOLOGY DIRECTOR MEETING – Met with instructional technology director to review presentation for special school board meeting presentation tonight. 

 BUSINESS MANAGER MEETING – Met with Business Manager to review school board processes and more. 

 SCHOOL BOARD MEETING – The second Tuesday of every month we meet in the High School Library. We start with a special board session or work session at 6:00 PM, followed by the regular board meeting at 7:00 PM. The special board session tonight deals with our Five Year Strategic Plan: Technology. Technology is one of five focus areas that report back to the board on our progress towards those goals using both quantitative and qualitative data. 

 Wednesday 11/10 

MIDDLE SCHOOL PRINCIPAL MEETING – Met with the middle school principal on several topics. 

 ELEOTS OBSERVATIONS AT HIGH SCHOOL - Through the accreditation company called Cognia, all administrators have been certified and trained to complete ELEOT (Effective Learning Environments Observation Tool) observations. This data is used for system-wide change. The data is not focused on any one teacher, but all teachers as a whole. We then build district-wide goals off of this data and compare it to nationwide data from over 42,000 observations. All administrators will take part in this process and all classrooms are observed. 

 BITTERROOT SUPERINTENDENTS MEETING – Met with the Bitterroot Superintendents in Hamilton. We had presenters from the County Health Department, Bitterroot College, Rep. Dave Bedey HD86, as well as others hitting other topics: CSCT, new Flexibilities in CTE and High School Graduation Requirements, and more. 

 ELEOTS OBSERVATIONS AT HIGH SCHOOL – Continued with observations at High School. 

 BUSINESS MANAGER MEETING – Met with Business Manager to review several processes, as well as funds for ESSER and Title, and more. 

 TRANSPORTATION DIRECTOR MEETING - Met again with the new transportation director on solving issues. 

 Thursday 11/11 – Veterans Day 

 SPECIAL SERVICES DIRECTOR – Met with special services director to review processes and procedures, as well as trying to hire a new therapist for our CSCT program. 

 MIDDLE SCHOOL PRINCIPAL MEETING – Met with the middle school principal on several topics. 

 SAM LPLP TRAINING: EVALUATIONS - Met online with the School Administrators of Montana Leaders Professional Learning Program. The learning topic today was on evaluations. 

 VETERANS DAY PARADE – All three schools celebrate those who have served in the armed forces. Many students and staff participated in the Veterans Day Parade on Main Street in Corvallis. 

 TRAVEL TO LAW CONFERENCE – The fall law conference is scheduled to start later today and go through Friday. The latest legal guidance is given in numerous areas of public education. 

 Friday 11/12 

 LAW CONFERENCE – Attended the fall law conference today. The latest legal guidance is given in numerous areas of public education. At lunch I toured my cousin’s school, Eastside Elementary, as she is the principal there.


11/05/21 Total Active Cases as of Today: 4 ( PS= 2, MS= 1, HS= 1, OTHER = 0) -- Total Active Cases Last Friday: 6 Total in Quarantine as of Today: 10 -- Total in Quarantine Last Friday: 14 

 Our next regularly scheduled school board meeting will be on December 14th. We will start with a special session at 6:00 PM, and the regular board meeting starts at 7:00 PM in the library.  I have an open-door policy, please come visit me at the Central Office.

Jon Konen, Superintendent

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” -- Peter Drucker



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