16 Year Volunteer: Dominic P.

Superintendent's Blue Devil Blog: 10/08/21  Hello, Blue Devils! I am trying something new this year on Fridays. I will be giving you some insight into the Superintendent's job, my personal Blue Devil experience, and end with a Covid-19 update.

Monday 10/4

TRANSPORTATION MEETING - Jim Bowen and I met with bus drivers to discuss safety and training opportunities coming up. We reviewed bus evacuation protocols and discussed how this will be planned with all students K-12. Bus evacuation practices are required two a year.

MIDDLE SCHOOL MEETING - Met with middle principals to discuss protocols and procedures when handling situations with students and families.

BUSINESS TEAM MEETING - Each day I spend time with our fantastic business team reviewing processes and procedures during the interim period of time before we hire a new business manager/clerk.

Tuesday 10/5

DISTRICT INSTRUCTIONAL PRACTICES TEAM - Twice a month schoolwide district administrators meet to review practices and procedures that support instruction and hiring. We continue to work on processes that affect all three schools.

MET WITH BUS CONTRACTOR - A local bus contractor set up a meeting to discuss several components of our transportation program. SCHOOL VISITS - I made it to the middle school and high school today to walk the hallways and converse with the administration and secretaries. MAINTENANCE AND TRANSPORTATION MEETING - Met with Jim Bowen on transportation needs, busses getting fixed, driver's concerns, and more. SCHOOL BOARD MEMBER -- TRANSPORTATION MEETING - Met with Katie Gividen to go over the scheduling of busses. She has stepped up and is supporting us until we get a new Transportation Director hired.

Wednesday 10/6

FINGERPRINTING - Today I learned about a volunteer who has been supporting the Corvallis School District for 16 years. I fingerprinted him today and took a picture with this celebrity, Hamilton Mayor Dominic Farrenkoph. WESTERN MASS - The Western Montana Association of School Superintendents meets on the first Wednesday of every month. It is routinely at the MCPS District Office. We had several presenters: the assistant Superintendent of Public Instruction Sheryl Allen, Executive Director of School Administrators of Montana Kirk Miller, attorney Elizabeth Kaleva, and others. About 15 members were in person while another 20 participants were online. TRANSPORTATION MEETING - Met with Katie Gividen about transportation issues and ideas. CURRICULUM MEETING - Met with Allison Nys to review our data entry into the annual fall reporting system with the Office of Public Instruction. BOARD MEMBER MEETING - Met with a board member on a special session scheduled for next Wednesday with the Corvallis Faculty Group.

Thursday 10/7

MIDDLE SCHOOL MEETING - Met with Principals on the continuation of protocols and procedures.

HIGH SCHOOL MEETING - Met with the Principals at the High School on several different topics. BOARD MEMBER WALKTHROUGH - Board Member, Carol Peterson, and myself toured the following facilities: Handley House, Old District Office, Middle School classrooms, Old Gym, and Old Gym locker rooms.

CURRICULUM MEETING - Met with Allison Nys on our district's Continuous Improvement Plan that is due each Fall to the Office of Public Instruction. BOARD MEMBER MEETING - Met with Board Chairman to discuss agenda items for the October 12 regular board meeting. MTSBA THINK TANK THURSDAY - Montana School Board Association holds live Zoom meetings on Thursdays at noon. Montana's open meeting laws were discussed and NSBA's recent announcements that support school board proceedings. RAVALLI COUNTY HEALTH NURSE CONTACT - On Thursday afternoon's Maribeth Talia, Corvallis school nurse, and I have a conference call set up with the Ravalli County Health Nurse as we navigate through Covid. SCHOOL BOARD MEETING: FINANCE COMMITTEE - Thursday night the committee met and determined goals, looked at budget communication tools, and gave guidance to myself and the Business Department. The two tools we will work on are a monthly budget report of expenditures and available balance by function level (a new tool will be created for this), and a year-long budget projection. These will help in the discussion and vision work for a multi-year budget projection. Multi-year budget projects are difficult as the student population is hard to predict, as well as what the legislature will enact during each biannual session.

Friday 10/08

TRANSPORTATION INTERVIEWS -- The interview committee, consisting of seven members (bus drivers and cabinet members), met to interview the first two of five candidates. The other three will be interviewed on Monday with a decision coming at the later part of next week. Stay tuned! BUSINESS DEPARTMENT MEETINGS AND ANB COUNT - I met with Lyndi Henson, Laura Gates, and Heather Smart on various topics ranging from payroll, best utilizing our Frontline software, school board agendas, and more. Heather Smart and I submitted the Fall student count to the Office of Public Instruction. This and a Spring student count make up the annual Average Number Belonging (ANB) which determines much of our school funding. We have increased from last year! CORVALLIS SCHOOL FOUNDATION MEETING - I met with some foundation members on a recent donation to the foundation. We discussed the best way to celebrate and utilize this donation to garner more financial support. SCHOOL BOARD MEETING: BUSINESS MANAGER / CLERK HIRING COMMITTEE - Three candidates were chosen to interview. Each committee member used a rubric that scored the application materials: resume, experience, application, letters of recommendation, transcripts, as well as a veteran's preference. These interviews will be on October 15 and open to the public at the Central Office. PROFESSIONAL LEARNING TEAM VISIT: COUNSELORS - FOOTBALL CORVALLIS @ EAST HELENA - Traveled to East Helena for the football game. One of my former students is an Administrator and football coach for East Helena. Also met with Dan Rispens, East Helena Superintendent, and discussed the Superintendency as well as getting a tour of the new high school.. The football got their first win, 55-0! COVID UPDATE: 10/08/21 Total Active Cases as of Today: 14 ( PS=3, MS=3, HS=7, OTHER = 1) -- Total Active Cases Last Friday: 11 Total in Quarantine as of Today: 28 -- Total in Quarantine Last Friday: 20 Our next regularly scheduled school board meeting will be on October 12th. We will start with a special session at 6:00 PM, and the regular board meeting starting at 7:00 PM in the library. I have an open-door policy, please come visit me at the Central Office.

Jon Konen, Superintendent

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