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The K-12 music program at Corvallis began decades ago and grew to the point where there were not enough working instruments to keep up with the amount of interest. The band and orchestra programs alone have grown more than 25% over the past five years! With 100% of primary school students participating in music, 73% at the middle school, and 45% at the high school, the music programs continue to grow without a growing budget. The budget only allows for minor repairs; it has not allowed proper maintenance of instruments let alone replacement of instruments beyond repair.

The Corvallis Schools Foundation (CSF) Musical Instrument Project aim is to ensure that no student will miss out on music education due to a lack of quality instruments. The Project will provide new, quality musical instruments for music classes Kindergarten through High School. By purchasing new instruments and equipment the music programs will be able to provide quality instruments to a growing number of students, continue an affordable rental program, and allow students from a low socioeconomic background to participate in instrumental music free of charge.

The CSF Musical Instrument Project includes:

  • 25 additional instruments for the low-cost band/orchestra rental program
  • New percussion instruments and xylophone for the Primary School
  • Replacement of aging brass/woodwind/string instruments for middle/high school band/orchestra
  • Additional program instruments for the orchestra & guitar classes
  • New electronic keyboard for the middle/high school choirs, band & jazz band.

The bulk of the project budget purchases instruments to continue the low-cost musical instrument rental program. This rental program serves approximately 30% of band and orchestra students in grades 5-12. With a nominal fee that is the lowest rental cost in the Bitterroot Valley, this rental program ensures that Corvallis students at all income levels have access to musical instruments. Twenty-five new musical instruments are needed for the low-cost rental program. Many of the instruments in the rental program are aging (25 to 40 years old) and in need of replacement. In addition, the lack of instrument access has resulted in students being turned away from the band and orchestra programs. And with the current COVID-19 pandemic, providing enough instruments that students can take home allows them to continue to practice and develop their skills.

The funding goal for the complete project is $48,000. To date, The Corvallis Schools Foundation has raised approximately $47,500 toward this goal!! As a result of the generosity of the community, and some costs lower than originally estimated, all needed musical instruments in the original proposal can be purchased!!

Those that we need to thank for the funds raised to support this project:

  • Individual donors / Corvallis Community
  • Corvallis Performing Arts Booster Club
  • Rapp Family Foundation
  • The Greater Ravalli Foundation
  • The Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation
  • The Corvallis Schools Foundation